DigiThrow.com is not affiliated with any federation, championship, or similar organization. Our rankings are solely based on training scores without verification.

Our platform offers throwers the opportunity to record and track their scores, monitor their progress, and compare their performance with other participants.

What if someone cheat ? 

We sincerely hope that you, as a participant, will uphold the principles of sportsmanship that we believe in. However, if such an unfortunate situation arises, it can serve as a motivator for honest throwers to strive for even greater excellence !

Available games

The EU Game – European style throwing competition

The EU game is an adaptation of what we can see in European throwing competitions. 

A 50cm target with 5 zones : 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 pts. There are 7 round of 3 throws. 

On this game, you can collect your weapon on every throw if you want.

The EU Pro Game – Same game for advanced throwers

On this game, targets are the same but with only 3 center rings. This one is made to avoid collecting your weapon on every throw. 

You must throw from left to right. There is no point if you hit the wrong target. Other rules are the same as the EU game.

It’s a good game to train for competition !

The US Game – American style throwing competition

The US game is an adaptation of American axe throwing competitions

This is a 68cm target with 5 zones : 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6 pts. There is 10 throws.

On the 5th and 10th throw, two bull eyes will appear. You have the possibility to try to hit them and score 8pts.

The Numbers Game – Choose the score you aim

On this game, you’ll need to decide if you can trust your accuracy or not (or just shoot the target and trust your luck). 

There is 10 throws and you’ll score on the zone you hit.

The Crazy Bull Game – Try to follow the bull !

Rules are same as the EU game. But the Bull will move every round.

General rules

The distance from the target must be at least 3m for knife / no spin knife / small axe / star and 4m for other categories.

If your weapon blade is between two zones, you can count the maximum score. If it touch, it count. Rule is the same for double blades : always count the best score.

If you miss a throw, you can’t make a second try. Bouncing is a part of the sport and you need to count 0.

Weapons allowed

We have created multiple categories to accommodate a wide range of throwing objects. There are no specific restrictions regarding blade length or other factors. We simply request that you choose the appropriate category based on the type of object you are throwing.

Available categories : Tomahawk – Hatchet – Small Axe – Knife – No Spin Knife – Star – Shovel

We consider in the small axe category all laser cutted axes (single balde, double blade, etc..).